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KLA focus

KLA focus: A special people, a special place

Students in Stage 4 must read, listen to and view a variety of texts that are appropriate to their needs, interests and abilities. … Students will undertake the essential content and work towards course outcomes through close reading, listening to or viewing the following:

Text type

In Stage 4

Fiction at least two works
Poetry a wide range of types of poems
Film, or film on video or DVD at least two works
Nonfiction[1] at least two works
Drama at least two works

The following specifications may be fulfilled through the required types of texts outlined above and/or through other texts.

In each Year students must study examples of

  • spoken texts
  • print texts
  • visual texts
  • media and multimedia which should, over Stages 4 and 5, include texts

drawn from radio, television, newspapers, the internet and CD-ROMs.

The selection of texts must give students experience of:

  • a widely defined Australian literature, and other Australian texts including those that give insights into Aboriginal experiences and multicultural experiences in Australia
  • literature from other countries and times
  • cultural heritages, popular cultures and youth cultures
  • picture books
  • everyday and workplace texts
  • a range of social, gender and cultural perspectives.

(From English Years 7–10 Syllabus 2003: 19)

[1] Bold content indicates that which is found in this unit.

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