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My story, your story

Unit description

The purpose of this unit is to present narratives as representations of Australian society. Students increase their knowledge of themselves, others and the world. Throughout the unit, students are given the opportunity to respond to and compose increasingly sophisticated narratives. This unit also develops students? abilities to reflect on their own learning and to come to clearer understandings about the way in which they learn. The timing of the unit, if taught at the beginning of Year 8, will enable teachers to gain an assessment of students, both formally and informally, through a variety of listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and representing modes. This in turn, will inform all future programming and assessment for the remainder of the year.

Aboriginal perspectives

When exploring the concept of My Story, Your Story, students gain an appreciation and understanding that Australian stories, Australian traditions, customs and spiritual beliefs are based on both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal culture and history in Australia.

Students will undertake a close analysis of individual and cultural experiences in narratives, as well as the role and function of narratives. Aboriginal storytelling is closely examined both in oral and written form.

Phases of learning

  1. Defining the concept My Story, Your Story
    What is a story? Examining the language structure and features of the narrative test type. Researching culture and family origins.
  2. Exploring Aboriginal culture through storytelling
    Close study of the history, culture and stories of a region as told by an Aboriginal storyteller.
  3. A close study of Aboriginal texts
    Features of text form, context and perspective.
  4. Your Story ‘My Brother Vinnie’ – Aaron Pederson
    Language structure and features of a narrative documentary.
  5. My Story – Narrative Writing
    Creating an anthology; book launch; multiple intelligences activities.

Quality teaching framework

All units have been mapped to QT throughout.

Click here for QT details for this unit (PDF - 212 KB - 37 pages) (refer to page 2).


Assessment task 1

Students explore the concept ?A New Century, a New Story? by composing a 2008 story for My Place. Teacher guides students through the writing process: brainstorm, plan, draft, edit, publish. Students share their story in a small group.

Assessment task 2

In pairs, students relate a brief personal event which makes up part of their unique life story. One student will be an interviewer and one will be the interviewee and then swap roles.

Assessment task 3

The contribution of Aboriginal people to Australian society. Students carry out a multimedia narrative based on either a local Aboriginal person or a high-profile Aboriginal role model, and describe their contribution to Australian society.

To view student work samples for each assessment activity, go to English Stage 4 Work samples on the Assessment Resourse Centre (ARC) website.

Cross-curriculum content

  • ICT
  • Difference and Diversity
  • Literacy
  • Multicultural
  • Key Competencies
Unit of work
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