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KLA focus

KLA focus: My Story, Your Story

Note: Content found in this unit is indicated in bold.

Students in Stage 4 must read, listen to and view a variety of texts that are appropriate to their needs, interests and abilities. … Students will undertake the essential content and work towards course outcomes through close reading, listening to or viewing the following:


In Stage 4

Fiction[1] at least two works
Poetry a wide range of types of poems
Film, or film on video or DVD at least two works
Nonfiction at least two works
Drama at least two works

The following specifications may be fulfilled through the required types of texts outlined above and/or through other texts.

In each Year students must study examples of

  • spoken texts
  • print texts
  • visual texts
  • media and multimedia which should, over Stages 4 and 5, include texts drawn from radio, television, newspapers, the internet and CD-ROMs.

The selection of texts must give students experience of:

  • • a widely defined Australian literature, and other Australian texts including those that give insights into Aboriginal experiences and multicultural experiences in Australia
  • literature from other countries and times
  • cultural heritages, popular cultures and youth cultures
  • picture books
  • everyday and workplace texts
  • a range of social, gender and cultural perspectives.

(From English Years 7–10 Syllabus 2003 p19.)

[1] Bold content indicates that which is found in this unit.

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