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Exploring visions of place and time

Unit description

Exploring Visions of Place and Time is a unit designed to broaden and deepen students? skills, knowledge and cultural understanding in English, to develop their critical and imaginative faculties and to enhance their enjoyment of English as they approach the end of Stage 5.

They will explore and respond to a diverse selection of texts that depict powerful experiences, set against particular places at particular times.

Aboriginal perspectives

Aboriginal content in this unit provides students with a range of composing and responding opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal history and culture in Australia.

In their study of Visions of Place and Time, students explore a range of experiences and achievements of Aboriginal people in historical and social contexts and the links between place, time, cultural expression, language and spirituality.

Phases of learning

  1. Introduce and explain the unit and its rationale

  2. How are visions of place and time represented in poetry?
  3. Cross country storytelling and immersion activity
  4. Cityscape and representation
  5. Exploring journeylines … the connections between research and public speaking
  6. Synthesising Australian visions of place and time
  7. Through the lens … developing deeper understandings about the experiences and achievements of Aboriginal people
  8. Documenting, celebrating, evaluating, reflecting

Quality teaching framework

All units have been mapped to QT throughout.

Click here for QT details for this unit (PDF - 128 KB - 24 pages) (refer to page 2).


Assessment activity 1

Individual assessment

Imagine you are the curator of a new exhibition of a collection of Emily Kngwarreye?s artworks. Write and present the speech for opening night of the exhibition.

Assessment activity 2

Individual assessment

Imagine that you have been asked to write a one-page foreword to a new poetry anthology titled Australian Visions of Place and Time. Write the foreword.

Assessment task 3

Collaborative assessment

Now that we are at the end of the unit, create in groups a photostory, documenting your developing thoughts, ideas and understandings about visions of place and time.

Cross-curriculum content

  • ICT
  • Literacy
  • Key Competencies
  • Difference and Diversity
  • Multicultural
Exploring visions of place and time - Unit of work
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