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KLA Focus

The areas of focus for this unit of work are in bold in each of the sections below.

Knowledge, understanding and skills

Students will:

  • enhance their sense of self, improve their capacity to manage challenging circumstances and develop caring and respectful relationships
  • move with confidence and competence, and contribute to the satisfying and skilled performance of others
  • take actions to protect, promote and restore individual and community health
  • participate in and promote enjoyable lifelong physical activity
  • develop and apply the skills that enable them to adopt and promote healthy and active lifestyles.

Values and attitudes

Students will:

  • value health-enhancing behaviours that contribute to active, enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyles
  • develop a willingness to participate in creating and promoting healthy and supportive communities and environments
  • develop a commitment to principles that promote social justice.


  • Self and relationships
  • movement skill and performance
  • individual and community health
  • lifelong physical activity.


  • Communicating
  • decision-making
  • interacting
  • moving
  • planning
  • problem-solving.
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