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Story 1 - Wagga Wagga

Environment - Aboriginal Perspectives

In consultation with local Aboriginal community members, teachers in the Wagga Wagga group used the context of the environment to develop the following lesson sequences to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives content from the Science Years 7-10 Syllabus into their Stage 4 or Stage 5 teaching program.

Keeping WarmStudents investigate the use of pelts for keeping warm in cold environments and compare them with blankets. This activity includes an investigation that could incorporate the use of a data logger and provides instructions for using ICT to record results using spreadsheets and graphs.
Classifying AnimalsStudents are introduced to using keys to identify some common Australian animals. They investigate naming animals using the restored Aboriginal (Wiradjuri) names, common European names and scientific names.
Managing the EnvironmentStudents use their findings from case studies to compare how traditional ecological knowledge and Western science based management are applied to ecosystems to maintain the quality and sustainability of the environment.

Teacher Information

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