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Suggested Resources


  1. Archer, M, Hand, S & Godthelp, H, 1986, Uncovering Australia’s Dreamtime, Surrey Beatty & Sons, NSW, ISBN 0 949324 07 8
  2. Ellis, Jean A, 1994, Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage, Collins Dove, Victoria, ISBN 1 86371 262 3
    Contains a chapter on traditional Aboriginal art.
  3. Ruhen, Olaf, 1976, The Day of the Diprotodon, Hodder and Stoughton, NSW, ISBN 0 340 20716 7
    An imaginative account of the last days of the diprotodons who inhabited the region of Lake Callabonna.
  4. Schill, Janne, 1998, On Target: Creating a Text for a Purpose, Heinemann, Victoria, ISBN 0 86462 352 6
    An English text that contains a useful section with a scaffold for compiling a print news report.


  1. Awabakal Dreaming Stories CD-ROM Resource Kit, 2001, Aboriginal Multimedia Productions, NSW, ISBN 0 9579548 0 8
    Six illustrated booklets each containing an Awabakal Dreaming Story including ‘The Kangaroo That Lives Inside Nobby’s’, and a Teacher Resource Handbook. The stories are also provided with audio on a CD-ROM. A second CD has useful information on Aboriginal tools and weapons.


  1. The Unexpected Catastrophe
    This CD-ROM is a library of electronic resources on the 1989 Newcastle earthquake compiled by the Newcastle Region Library. Organised as a database, it includes not just the bibliographical information but also the full text of documents, images, excerpts of sound and video clips relating to the Newcastle earthquake. The CD-ROM is available from the Local Studies Librarian at Newcastle Region Library.
  2. Our Dreamings: Ancient Traditional Indigenous Art and Culture of Australia, 2002, Chrysalis Productions Pty Ltd
    This interactive CD-ROM includes an excellent section on iconography used in Aboriginal artworks. It is available via


  1. Aftershocks, Ronin Films, 1998
    This video dramatises the 1989 Newcastle earthquake and tells the story of the survivors. It is available via
  2. The Day the Earth Shook, Nova, 1996
    Available via


1. Australian Megafauna
Information produced by Museum Victoria about Australia’s megafauna, with links to some of the major species.
This article, ‘Death of the Megafauna’, originally appeared in the April 2003 edition of The Helix magazine.
A web-based activity titled ‘Australia's Megafauna’ that explores the diversity of the megafauna and its extinction. It contains links to many interesting sites.
2. The Dreaming Story – The Kangaroo That Lives Inside Nobby’s
This site explores Indigenous Australia through storytelling, cultures and histories. It includes stories of the Dreaming, teachers' resources and content for kids.
The Royal Geographic Society of Queensland produced this site in 2002 as part of its Flinders 2002 Project. Click on Flinders and Australian Coastal Landforms for areas, including Newcastle and Nobby’s Head, that were visited by the explorer Matthew Flinders. Interesting historical and geological information, excellent photos and maps are included in this site.
An excellent introduction to traditional Aboriginal art. The site includes a link to Dreamtime symbols used in Aboriginal art.
3. Newcastle Earthquake
This site includes lesson plans for a case study of the Newcastle earthquake.
This site has been developed for Australians interested in issues of survival and emergency preparedness. The section on earthquakes contains excellent information on Australian earthquakes.
This site, produced by Geoscience Australia, contains information, databases and maps (currently unavailable).
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