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Sample Assessment Task

Writing a newspaper report about the Newcastle Earthquake

Your Task

Using reliable information you have gathered from a range of sources, write a brief, scientifically accurate newspaper report about the Newcastle earthquake.

Your finished product should include:

  • when and where the earthquake occurred
  • the cause of the earthquake
  • the damage done
  • the number of lives lost
  • at least one graphic that enhances your report
  • acknowledgement of your sources of information using an appropriate method


  • the structure and style components of a newspaper report

Scaffold for a Newspaper Report

A newspaper report is an account based on collected facts of an event or issue.

The main purpose of a report of this type is to provide the reader with information in the form of a readable, interesting story.

A newspaper report has a particular structure and style.


  • Sensational or dramatic headline
  • Possible sub-heading indicating the event
  • Most important details in the lead paragraph then progression to the least important information in the following paragraphs
  • What happened, where, when and why the event took place and who was involved
  • Short paragraphs with no more than three sentences
  • Arranged in columns
  • Inclusion of graphics that enhance the report


  • Clear impersonal language emphasising facts rather than opinions
  • Quotations to add tension and excitement
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