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Stage 4: Year 8

Suggested Unit Length: 6 weeks


In this Year 8 Astronomy unit students investigate how the knowledge of past and present cultures, including those of Aboriginal people, have contributed to and changed our understanding of the universe. The teaching strategies and learning experiences are designed to increase students' understanding of the way that the ideas of different cultures and individuals have, over time, led to the development of scientific knowledge about the universe. The teaching and learning experiences provide opportunities for students to gain an understanding of Aboriginal peoples' holistic view of the world. Central to the understanding of this holistic view of the world is the bringing together of Aboriginal knowledge of observable phenomena in their environment and their physical and metaphysical explanations.

This unit would most appropriately be placed towards the end of Stage 4. Students need to have undertaken a range of learning experiences and to have had opportunities through the teaching program to learn about and to practise, with guidance, the skills of gathering, processing and presenting data and information, both individually and in cooperative team situations. The teaching sequences in this unit focus on extending these skills and providing opportunities for students to work towards the Stage 5 outcomes of being more independent learners.

Target outcomes

A student:

4.1 identifies historical examples of how scientific knowledge has changed peoples' understanding of the world
4.5 describes areas of current scientific research
4.9 describes the dynamic structure of Earth and its relationship to other parts of our solar system and the universe
4.17 evaluates the relevance of data and information
4.18 with guidance, presents information to an audience to achieve a particular purpose
4.19 draws conclusions based on information available
4.22 undertakes a variety of individual and team tasks with guidance
4/5.24 respects differing viewpoints on science issues and is honest, fair and ethical
4/5.26 recognises the role of science in providing information about issues being considered and in increasing understanding of the world around them.

Unit of Work


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