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Story 4 - Mt Druitt

Technology - Aboriginal Perspectives

In consultation with local Aboriginal community members, teachers in the Mt Druitt group used the context of technology to develop this Stage 4 unit of work. Aboriginal perspectives content from the Science Years 7-10 Syllabus is incorporated into the teaching and learning sequences in each part of the unit as shown below.

What is Technology?By investigating some examples of traditional tools, weapons and devices used by Aboriginal peoples, students clarify their own understanding of the term technology.
Technology Making Life EasierStudents investigate how some examples of tools, weapons and devices used in the everyday lives of traditional Aboriginal communities made it easier or more convenient for them to perform tasks.
Aboriginal Persons Working in Science and TechnologyStudents gather, process and present their findings on the contributions to science and society of some contemporary Aboriginal persons who have worked or are working in the areas of science and/or technology.
Impact of Technology on SocietyUsing examples of changes in some traditional Aboriginal technologies, students explore the relationship between science, technology and society.

Teacher Information

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