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Greg Simms

Greg Simms
Elder, Mt Druitt Community
Greg, give us an example of tools you make

One of the main tools was the firestick. We used stone axes to make our spears, shields, Nulla Nullas, Woomeras, battle-axes and bindy sticks.

Greg, what are the main uses of fire?

The main use of fire is to keep warm, cooking, burning off, hunting and also smoking ceremonies.

Greg, what wood do you use in weapon making?

There are certain timbers out there that you can only cut six months of the year, which is autumn and winter. Some of the other weapons we used, we cut the timber and would leave it lie for about two weeks and over the period of two weeks the timber was split at both ends and we cut the ends off and then we have the length which is required and for boomerangs, we used to get the elbow shaped out of the branches or the roots to make our killer boomerangs or returning boomerangs.

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