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Units of Work/Teaching Sequences

This unit incorporates learning experiences that specifically address, in the context of technology, the Prescribed Focus Area content in the Science Years 7–10 Syllabus relating to Aboriginal perspectives in science. Teachers may choose to use the whole unit or to select teaching sequences from parts of the unit to develop students’ understanding of Aboriginal peoples’ knowledge of technology and its importance to their culture.

Members of a local Aboriginal community should be invited to participate in the planning and, where appropriate, to assist in presenting parts of this teaching program. Valuing and drawing on the knowledge and understanding in the local Aboriginal community provides opportunities for schools and teachers to develop teaching–learning experiences that are more meaningful for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.

Including parents and/or community members in the preparation and delivery of these teaching programs will assist in insuring that the material will more authentically reflect local Aboriginal history, culture and Indigenous knowledge systems. (link to Working with Aboriginal Communities)

Transcript text

Well, back in the old days, they usually had a weapon maker [who] used to make just about most of the weapons. But when a man sat down to make his own, as he put it through the fire to harden the wood, he would sing to it. He would sing his stories and he would sing all the sacred things and his spirit into the spear or whatever he was making; for instance, ‘Fly true please, kill the animal straight out, don’t let it die slow, let this spear find the animal’s heart’. And no-one would touch that spear, only the man who made it. He was the only one that it would work for.

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Units of Work/Teaching Sequences