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Aboriginal Art

What distinguishes ‘Aboriginal art’? What is it that makes Aboriginal art unique?

This description helps non-Aboriginal people understand:


In Aboriginal languages, there is no single definition for the term ‘art’.

Aboriginal art is our expression, our culture, our living. An extension of our identity. Not just an item for a wall or living room.

Aboriginal art is painting, sculpture, dance, film making, photography, song writing …

– Brenda L Croft, Aboriginal artist


An Indigenous artists’ gallery of artworks are shown in Affirmations of Identity, along with a Teacher’s Handbook, a comprehensive bibliography, and PowerPoint slide shows of Aboriginal artists’ works in four different genres.

The gallery, bibliography and handbook are all downloadable in both Word and pdf format for easy accessibility for the classroom.

Protecting Australian Indigenous Art deals with intellectual property issues of respect for, and ownership of, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists’ works. These are all important considerations for both students and teachers.

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