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New technology

Like others, Aboriginal artists are vulnerable to unauthorised online dissemination of their works. There is great potential for works with sensitive and sacred content to be ‘lifted’ and incorporated into electronic designs, or for the works themselves to be distorted through digital manipulation. Our Culture: Our Future recommends the introduction of self-regulatory guidelines that address the distribution and publication of ICIP online. These should be developed by Indigenous communities.

Discussion points

  • Why do you think Aboriginal peoples believe that they are better placed than governments to identify and manage many heritage sites, objects and cultural practices?
  • Design, trademark and patenting provisions encourage Australians to secure rights over distinctive images, names and products so that they can carry out an enterprise with some protection from theft and imitation. In what ways might these provisions be a bad thing for Indigenous Australians?
  • All Australians can establish a connection to one or more lines of cultural descent. Why have people recognised that Indigenous Australians need special recognition and support in establishing and maintaining their heritage?
  • If someone had the intention to use Aboriginal artwork for their own benefit without permission, what measures do you think would most effectively prevent them from doing so?
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