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Where can I learn more?

For more detailed information about Aboriginal English in NSW, read linguist Dr Diana Eades's book Aboriginal English, which she wrote for the Board of Studies in 1995. 

You could also download the resource Tracks to Two-way Learning from the Department of Education Western Australia’s website.  

You can learn more by reading the Capability Framework: Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander EAL/D learners published by The State of Queensland (Department of Education, Training and Employment).

Where can I learn more about working with Aboriginal people and building relationships?
You can find resources with advice on working with Aboriginal communities here.

I know my students speak Aboriginal English, how can I help them to improve their literacy skills across the curriculum?
To learn more about how you can help your students improve their literacy skills, read about the Reading to learn program carried out by BOSTES and the Learning through reading and writing resources that demonstrate the Reading to learn technique for teachers.

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