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How can I find out more?


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Aboriginal Education and Training Directorate (AETD):

Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG):
The following websites from SA are also really useful.
South Australian Department of Education and Children's Services:

Support materials:

SACSA Framework:
NSW Office of the Board of Studies:
  • Working with Aboriginal Communities – A Guide to Community Consultation and Protocols
  • Teaching Aboriginal Languages – Case Studies
  • New South Wales Aboriginal Languages Interim Framework K–10
  • Indigenous Language Programs in South Australian Schools: Issues, Dilemmas and Solutions
  • Language and Culture Programs in NSW: The View from Central Australia
  • Teaching NSW’s Indigenous Languages: Lessons from Elsewhere
NSW Aboriginal Languages Research and Resource Centre:
Federation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages:
NSW Aboriginal Languages Policy:
John Rudder and Stan Grant Snr – Wiradjuri materials:
Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity
These are also two very useful websites that the Curriculum K–12 Directorate have produced:
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How can I find out more?