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Dubbo College


Introducing the Aboriginal Languages Program Team

Diane McNaboe, Wiradjuri Teacher
Ashlee Miller, Aboriginal Studies Teacher, Dubbo College, Senior Campus
Yvonne Hill, Aboriginal Education Consultant
Tyson Yunkaporta, Aboriginal Education Consultant
Warren Merchant, French Teacher, Dubbo College, Delroy Campus
Bernard Lafforgue, French Teacher, Dubbo College, South Campus
Angela Edwards, Wiradjuri Teacher Dubbo College, South Campus
Leonie Shipp, Wiradjuri Teacher Dubbo College, South Campus

Dubbo College Wiradjuri program writing team and steering committee members


Schools in Dubbo have high Aboriginal enrolments. Many of the Aboriginal students and their families are from various parts of western NSW and identify with a number of different language groups. Dubbo is clearly in Wiradjuri country and this is a language which has been in the process of community language revival for a number of years. This process has included the development of Wiradjuri language learning materials, and there is increasing community knowledge of the language, including adult language learners who can support and teach the school programs.

In recent years Wiradjuri has been taught in a number of primary schools in Dubbo and, in 2008, the Dubbo College Principal indicated an interest in establishing a Wiradjuri program for Stage 4 students. A series of consultation and planning meetings were held with the school principals, local AECG and Elders, language experts, the Youth Excel program manager and DET regional office staff, who together formed the language program steering committee. From these meetings a small team was established to write a 100-hour Stage 4 Wiradjuri program, to be taught by Diane McNaboe, a Wiradjuri woman with a Masters degree in Indigenous Languages Education from the Koori Centre at the University of Sydney. The work of the program writing team was guided by the steering committee, and the language content of the program has been checked by Wiradjuri language expert Stan Grant Senior with the assistance of Dr John Rudder.

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