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Lessons learnt in 2009

The three main topics are:

  • Stage-appropriate language learning activities
  • Wiradjuri people teaching Wiradjuri language
  • Wiradjuri teachers building up their language skills.

Stage-appropriate language learning activities

As with all learning areas, for language teaching different stages of learning requires different teaching strategies and approaches. The linguistic materials available for Wiradjuri need the skills of experienced teachers to turn them into useful resources for students in high school.

I use a range of activities which are engaging for Stage 4 students, including a vocabulary game called ‘You’re on the money’ which the students respond to very enthusiastically. I also let them use graffiti style writing when they make Wiradjuri resources for display in the classroom. It keeps them interested and they love it. Diane McNaboe, Wiradjuri Teacher

Wiradjuri people teaching Wiradjuri language

In 2009, Angela Edwards and Leonie Shipp each started teaching a Year 7 Wiradjuri class for the mandatory Stage 4 100-hour language course for the school certificate. The school now offers students a choice of French or Wiradjuri.

I’m so lucky to have two Wiradjuri teachers on my staff, who give the program an enormous amount of integrity. They have taken on the Wiradjuri classes as part of their teaching load and I have been very impressed by the way they have participated enthusiastically in the program development and in as much professional learning in the area as possible. Mel Johnston, Principal, Dubbo South

Wiradjuri teachers building up their language skills

Angela and Leonie have been attending Wiradjuri classes at Charles Sturt University given by Diane McNaboe. This gives them a chance to continue to build their own language proficiency and continue to enhance the quality and content of the program.

I love learning Wiradjuri and I love teaching it too. The students respond to it so well. Leonie Shipp, Teacher, Dubbo South

As we learn more of the language ourselves we are gradually building up in the school the number of classes and the number of students who choose Wiradjuri. Angela Edwards, Teacher, Dubbo South

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