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Forbes North Public School - Wiradjuri Stages 1-2

Year 3/4 students welcome speech in Wiradjuri
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Gawaymbanha-gu yilimadha bula-ngumbaay/mugu C.

Welcome to our dwelling 3/4C.

Introducing the Aboriginal Language Team

Juley Clarke, Kathryn Wighton and Michele Herbert Forbes North PS
  • Michele Herbert, Coordinator Wiradjuri Language Program, Year 1–2 Teacher and Assistant Principal
  • Kathryn Wighten, Aboriginal Education Assistant
  • Juley Clarke, Year 3–4 Teacher
  • Stan Grant Snr, Wiradjuri Language Researcher and Elder
  • Chris Kirkbright, Wiradjuri Language Researcher and Coordinator Sydney-based Wiradjuri Language Programs

'...it's community people that are going to make this program work. It's not so much the schools or the teachers, it's the community people coming into schools working with teachers.'

Stan Grant Snr, Wiradjuri Language Teacher, Canberra


Forbes North Public School was approached to become involved after their staff, especially Michele Herbert, showed great enthusiasm for setting up a Wiradjuri Language Program. This enthusiasm resulted from staff attendance at workshops with Stan Grant Snr and John Rudder on the Wiradjuri language.

Forbes North Public School participated in 2004 and 2005. In 2004 they worked with Esther Job from Parkes High School to develop a Wiradjuri Early Stage 1 unit of work.

In 2005 Forbes North Public School expanded from Stage 1–2, faced the challenges of generating community involvement and continued to work with a language teacher.

Forbes North Public School has had a successful beginning to their journey into teaching Wiradjuri. There will be many challenges and rewards ahead. Good luck!

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