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Lessons learnt in 2005

Carrying out research so as to get started

Vincentia High School was able to use some of their Priority Schools Funding Program (PSFP) funds to carry out research.

'With the research behind the program, when we went away to Bowraville [where the Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-op runs Gumbaynggirr Language Programs], we went over to Adelaide [Kaurna Language Reclamation Program] and we went to the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies [AIATSIS] and had a media training course up there.'

Gary Worthy, Assistant/Deputy Principal, Vincentia High School, 24/11/05

Research is required into where you can obtain funding.

Gary Worthy, Assistant/Deputy Principal
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'The funding whole scenario involves funding from different areas and different people and different things and it’s very frustrating, not in respect to your program but overall trying to work out how to balance a budget and get funding to pay the teachers; to have preparation time for the teachers to be able to walk in front and teach a class cause they’re not teachers and also to have planning time. And to look at all the different avenues and areas to get the funding and if one or two areas refuse you the funding, you’ve then got to go and double back and try to and get more money from somewhere else. Instead of putting a program across where all the funding bodies can sit down and say, "we’ll put in that much", "we’ll put in that much" and that will operate as a good program for all the Kooris, or for the whole of school in this case. And it’s just a frustrating point, not related too much to this course but its related to language itself.'

Gary Worthy, Assistant/Deputy Principal, Vincentia High Scool, 24/11/05

Team building is essential through this period.

'I think the really important part is; I don’t want to see the community member as there and the linguist as there and the classroom teacher as there. I want us all to be working together.'

Karen Lane, Languages Teacher, Vincentia High School, 24/11/05

'One of the big problems I think we’ve had in our team so far is the lack of communication. Whenever we’ve been to a workshop everyone is enthusiastic but there is never any follow-up.'

Jutta Besold, Linguist, Canberra, 24/11/05
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