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Teaching and Learning samples

Stage 1

Please refer to Stage 1 Scope and Sequence and Stage 1 Program including Units of Work 1.1-1.6

During revisions or assessment test individual students, even in routine songs.

Use clear instructions and use sentence structures in the teaching of vocabulary.


All Aboriginal languages can allow for free word order. Extend student knowledge with examples that can lead into future stages.

Stage 2

Please refer to 'The Narran Lakes' Stage 2 Unit of Work

Stage 2 can work with full sentences. The teacher starts with English, breaks down into an ‘interlinear gloss’ of Yuwaalaraay and then leads in to full translation in Yuwaalaraay. Aspects of Yuwaalaraay that are covered are emphasis and suffixes.

Stage 2 ‘The Narran Lakes’ Focus 2 Outcome 2.UL.4 2.MLC.2

Each student reads out one section of the overall story that includes Yuwaalaraay names and words.

A Stage 2 student showing the class his worksheet A Stage 2 student reading her worksheet to the class
An example Stage 2 worksheet Another example Stage 2 worksheet

Positive reinforcement of pronunciation, literacy in the phonemic orthography of an Aboriginal language, introduction of important local names and places in Yuwaalaraay.

Stage 3

Please refer to 'The Narran Lakes' Stage 3 Unit of Work

Each student can participate in reading sections of the story. Even though the story is in English, prominent words are in Yuwaalaraay and both the story content and story-telling practice are key cultural lessons in Aboriginal languages.

Stage 3 ‘The Narran Lakes’ Focus 4 Outcome 3.UL.4 and 3.MBC.1

Each student completed a self-illustrated book of the story, complete with full written sentences in Yuwaalaraay. These booklets can then become practical resources to use in future years in the classroom.

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Teaching and Learning samples