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Phase I – Term 1

Contact was made with schools and Aboriginal communities in order to determine which schools would be involved. The selection criteria included a willingness to participate, community support and the type of language resources available. An information package was sent to schools and to members of the Aboriginal community, including Elders groups, Aboriginal Education Consultants, Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers, AECG representatives and School Education Area Directors.

Later in Term 1 Board Project Officers visited the areas to meet with community members, teachers, AEAs and other interested parties. Members of the new Aboriginal Language Teams were identified.

Phase II – Term 2

A two-day language workshop was conducted at each school. The main purposes of the workshop were to:

  • participate in local school/community meetings to discuss project outcomes and processes
  • discuss the project and language resources
  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Aboriginal Language Team members
  • review the syllabus and support materials
  • make decisions about the primary focus of the school project
  • begin developing a scope and sequence
  • support language research and programming of a unit of work
  • prepare the school to program time in Term 4 to trial at least a significant part of the unit of work.

Phase III – Term 4

A Dharawal/Dhurga lesson at Vincentia High School - 1 A Dharawal/Dhurga lesson at Vincentia High School - 2 A Dharawal/Dhurga lesson at Vincentia High School - 3

During Term 4 the language teams were expected to trial at least some part of the unit of work they had developed. One of the aims of this undertaking was to collect samples of work from students for discussion and annotation. The work samples will be used to gauge the progress of both the students and the language program, and to inform teacher feedback to students.

A second two-day language workshop was held at each school, part of the purpose of which was to allow Board project officers to view and record the teaching of the Aboriginal languages in a classroom situation. Other aims included: the collection of units of work; curriculum implementation plans; assessment activities and student work samples in a variety of formats; and the annotation of student work samples to reflect syllabus content and student achievement. Feedback from the language teams on their view of the project to date was also collected at this time.

During the remainder of Term 4, the language teams and the Board project officers finished collecting work samples and refined the units of work.

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