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Overview 2006

In 2006 the Board of Studies worked with the following schools, Stages and languages:

  • Brewarrina Central School, Stage 1, Ngemba
  • Broulee Public School, Stages 1–3, Dhurga
  • Hillston Central School, Stage 1, Ngiyampaa/Wiradjuri
  • St Joseph’s Walgett, Stages 1–3, Yuwaalaraay
  • Bowraville Central School, Stage 4, Gumbaynggirr
  • Nambucca High School, Stages 4–5, Gumbaynggirr
  • Parkes High School, Stage 4, Wiradjuri
  • Vincentia High School, Stage 4, Dharawal/Dhurga

For more details about each of these schools, use the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page. Click on ‘Learning from each school’s experience’.

The Aboriginal Languages program team in each school includes people with expertise in linguistics, specific language and cultural knowledge and language teaching. In each of the school-community teams, the Aboriginal Language teachers are learning their languages at the same time as they are teaching them.

Each school-community Aboriginal Languages team was involved in one workshop per term. The workshops focused on language learning, language teaching methodology and using the NSW Aboriginal Languages K–10 Syllabus to develop a program. The teams developed Scope and Sequence and Units of Work for the Aboriginal language(s) and the particular Stage(s) they are teaching.

Evaluation and reflection 2006

Here are comments and feedback from community members, school staff and linguists involved in the Board of Studies Aboriginal languages project workshops in 2006.

Nambucca High School and Bowraville Central School

  • Everyone had something to share/offer. Links were made with other school members which can continue to strengthen.
  • It was good to share ideas.
  • Great enthusiasm & contributions; a feeling of being involved with something powerful.
  • For a 2-day workshop I feel more was accomplished than could have been hoped for.
  • A very productive 2 days, well organised and an enthusiastic approach from all participants.
  • I got to meet and talk with community languages teachers from our school, also community speakers.
  • Great team work and use of each member’s skills.
  • Keep building on this success, Stage 4 program units are looking good – this is a priority.

Vincentia High School

  • I enjoyed learning with other team members, from BOS, our linguist and community members.
  • Further development of vocabulary, language and grammatical structures.
  • Units of work are fantastic & extremely useful for implementation of stage 4 100-hour course.

Brewarrina Central School

  • A great learning experience, great strategies for progression within 2 days.
  • Interaction of all participants – important to have the linguist and Aboriginal languages researcher there, to help with pronunciation.
  • We need more workshops, held closer together.
  • A great demonstration of how much fun learning language can be.
  • A very interesting and valuable workshop – need more workshops to get a scope of how sequence & programs are going.
  • I really enjoyed this workshop it was most successful and enjoyable.

Parkes High school

  • Good to get a chance to be a part of the structure of the work to be done by students.
  • Chris is a great Wiradjuri teacher and an asset to the program.
  • I felt the singing was good and the practising of the songs etc.
  • I found the workshops very interesting and useful because working with such a great team. Also the enthusiastic teachers who have been with myself from the start have made it all possible. I hope that with myself and the team along with the new team members that the Wiradjuri language will continue to become more successful within the school.
  • Learning suffixes was very useful. We can now move beyond single words and introduce sentences.
  • Great to use this time to work on developing the Stage 4 program – without these workshops it would be difficult for the team to find the time, as program writing can be very time consuming.
  • Good to have balance of programming and language learning during the workshops.
  • Excellent, although confusing it made you think. It is sure to improve our knowledge of how languages work as well as the actual language we are working on.
  • Games and songs were excellent – need lots of games and songs to keep students interested and motivated.
  • I think this has been a productive workshop – I felt it worthwhile and enjoyed it immensely.

Hillston Central School

  • It is always good to have opportunities to practise language.
  • Just a small team of people was advantageous to myself, to focus on how to write a program.
  • Reading material handed out was useful.
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