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August 2005 in Dubbo

Day: 2 Focus on team building

Aboriginal Language Program team members include community language teachers, Aboriginal language researchers, linguists, classroom teachers, languages teachers, coordinators and Aboriginal Education Assistants. Encouragement was given to the participants to work on strengthening their team.

Individual team members were also encouraged to talk with equivalent team members from different schools to share and compare experiences. Then the whole group had an in-depth discussion on each team member’s role in an Aboriginal language program. The main points were written up on the day during the discussion. The following PowerPoint presentation is a synthesis of the notes of that discussion.

Chris Kirkbright, Bill Hill, Stan Grant Snr and Michele Herbert, Wiradjuri Language Program members.

'With Chris Kirkbright, he gave me the thought that yes, that’s going to me be in a couple of years' time [when I] bring it over here into the school. He really inspired me. And with Michele Herbert, she’s really inspired me as well, that we can get this up and going. She’s always been there and said, "Don’t get down, keep on going and hold your head up high". And with Stan Grant, he’s patting us on the back saying, "Yeah, just keep on going, youse will get there". They’ve all been inspiring.' Virginia Wake, AEA, Parkes High School, 11/11/05

'It was a great road trip, gave us a lot of planning time in the car [and] created lots of discussion.' Dhurga Language Program worker, 23-24/11/05

Dubbo sharing workshop Day 2

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