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August 2006 in Coffs Harbour

Sharing workshop 2006

Overview and presentations

The three-day Board of Studies Term 3 Aboriginal Languages Sharing Workshop 2006 was held in Coffs Harbour 22–24 August. Participants were community members, Aboriginal Languages teachers, school staff and linguists from the 2006 Board of Studies project schools.

Day 1 of the workshop focused on Language learning and reconstruction. Day 2 focused on Language teaching methodology. Day 3 focused on programming and planning. Click here for the workshop agenda.

A highlight of the workshop was the demonstration lesson given by each school-community team. These lessons gave everyone an opportunity to learn languages from various parts of NSW, including Dhurga, Gumbaynggirr, Ngiyampaa, Wiradjuri and Yuwaalaraay. The lessons also showed how enjoyable and interactive language learning can be.

Click on the following links for presentations from the Sharing Workshop 2006:

Evaluation and reflection

Here are comments and feedback from community members, school staff and linguists.

  • Everything was exceptional. The relationships built and the intensity of the workshop was nothing short of magic. Congratulations to all participants and workers that made this happen.
  • The linguistics day was not as easy for some participants but an essential part of developing teaching programs.
  • Sharing ideas was fabulous – other teachers’ ideas fill up our own bag of tricks.
  • Well-structured workshop, promoted sharing and understanding of issues in language teaching.
  • Great practical demonstrations.
  • All language stuff was good, more talk about links between traditional culture & contemporary culture.
  • Day 1, the linguistics day, was interesting but heavy.
  • More sharing workshops like this one would assist us to gain extra knowledge and ideas of activities to implement in our own languages.
  • Fantastic 3-day workshop, enjoyed by myself and colleagues.
  • Christopher Kirkbright’s & Dave Prosser’s presentations were insightful.
  • The school’s sharing their lessons in the programming session proved to be useful.
  • Good to speak to other schools and talk about the battles they have overcome.
  • The food was wonderful and we had enough time to talk in our groups in a relaxed environment.
  • It was great to see what other schools are doing.
  • Linguistics was interesting and Diane McNaboe broke it down really well.
  • Not as much on for the day 1 – make it more relaxing.
  • Seeing the difference from all different schools was wonderful.
  • Just brilliant, an excellent time – can I go next year?
  • Although interesting and very helpful, the linguistics day was full on and very draining.
  • The demonstration lessons were excellent and gave me some great ideas for the classroom.
  • Found group work helpful – sharing with other schools.
  • Elders choir was great, as were the acts after the conference dinner.
  • The linguistics day was very useful – built and reinforced previous learning, things started to fall into place.
  • Excellent to see a variety of activities and language teaching strategies.
  • It may have been more useful to work in language groups rather than in linguist-teacher-community groups.
  • Excellent, put people into the spirit, great for building ties and bonds.
  • Loved listening to Michael Walsh. His humour, the way he speaks and very informative – intelligent ideas/opinions.
  • It was an absolutely awesome workshop, not only location and social side but I believe we really achieved something.
  • The way we all come together as one, didn’t matter what your skin colours was, black or white, we were all one.
  • The organisation that went into those three days was exceptional … I have never been invited to anything like that in my life, mainly because as a child my family would have been turned away at the front gate which did happen many times. To have people from different tribes sharing ideas and laughing and joking around was so good to see and hear. I made many, many new friends and learnt many things.
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August 2006 in Coffs Harbour