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November 2009 in Broken Hill

Paakantyi-Barkindji Sharing Circle

Overview and presentations

The Paakantyi-Barkindji Sharing Circle was held in Broken Hill 16–18 November 2009. Participants and presenters were schools and community members from Broken Hill, Menindee and Wilcannia, the Western Institute of TAFE NSW, Koori Centre University of Sydney, the NSW Department of Education and Training, a Catholic school and the Board of Studies NSW. The focus of the forum was sharing ideas for effective language learning, language teaching and language revitalisation.

Presentations included teaching language and culture through story, language education and training for adults, sounds and spelling, technology in language teaching, community language planning and curriculum development. We were fortunate to have Lorna Williams and Georgina Nelson (Lil’wat members of the St’at’yem’c First Nation) as participants and presenters. They shared their observations and made connections based on their experience of revitalising their language in British Columbia Canada.

Paakantyi-Barkindji Sharing Circle

Evaluation and reflection

Comments and feedback from participants:

  • I found it [the sessions on linguistics and language structures] interesting and informative; a bit more of this could have been touched on.
  • It was great to see what other people are doing [with their language programs].
  • I would have liked to see more teaching materials brought in to share between each other.
  • It was good to have the links between community and schools being strengthened.
  • [The sessions on linguistics and language structures were] the best, engaging all.
  • Great things are happening [with resource development].
  • I liked Robert and Kayleen’s lessons. We should have more sentence structures, suffixes [in our own lessons].
  • Great workshop. It was excellent to listen to Lorna and Georgina and know how they are having success in their own language program in Canada.
  • [The sessions on linguistics and language structures were] interesting and extremely helpful.
  • [We need more assistance with] practical learning and teaching activities, program writing and resource development. Sharing these really help us get ideas.
  • I really enjoyed hearing the First Nations speakers from Canada and John Hobson’s sessions.
  • [We need more assistance with] finding funding agencies and long-term funding to get things rolling. This needs to happen ASAP.
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November 2009 in Broken Hill