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October 2007 in Sydney

Bayabangun Ngurrawa NSW Aboriginal Languages Forum

Overview and presentations

Bayabangun Ngurrawa, the 2007 NSW Aboriginal Languages Forum was held in Sydney
29–31 October 2007. It was organised jointly by staff of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs NSW Aboriginal Languages Research and Resource Centre, the NSW DET Curriculum K–12 Directorate, NSW DET Aboriginal Education and Training Directorate, Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Co-operative and the Board of Studies NSW.

The forum was attended by over 100 people directly involved in community and/or school programs for Aboriginal languages. Participants represented community organisations and projects as well as all education sectors – schools, TAFE and universities. The focus of the forum was sharing ideas for effective language learning, language teaching and language revival. Presentations during the 3-day event included skills for language documentation and analysis, the future and strategic planning, training for Aboriginal languages teachers, adult and child language acquisition, use of technology to support language work, using song in teaching languages, and intellectual property and copyright.

NSW Aboriginal Languages Forum

Evaluation and reflection

Comments and feedback from participants:

  • Getting together pooling resources is a great idea and the networking between one another. Well done.
  • Should happen regularly. These sharing workshops are crucial to the evolvement and strengthening of our languages regarding projects/programs and we support the idea that these workshops be held annually.
  • Annual sharing workshops great opportunity to build connections/relationships, share teaching strategies and resources, increase language knowledge (own and other countries). Hopefully these can continue.
  • More conferences like these. Express the importance of language in schools to non-Aboriginal teachers (some are very hesitant).
  • Career pathways need to be developed for Aboriginal language teachers; develop a professional association for Aboriginal language teachers. This should be an annual event.
  • We need to see Aboriginal people’s work recognised in the higher level of education.
  • Again please. The best 3 days of my teaching career so far.
  • Excellent co-ordination of conference/workshops. Inspiring to see and hear about actions and huge amounts of work that has gone into and is going into languages in schools, TAFE, community and universities. Needs to go on – Aboriginal languages need to be in all schools ultimately, with community assistance and leadership. Such a forum should become an annual event.
  • Personally I got a lot out of the sharing workshops. Hearing and seeing what other people do and have done. Maybe a bit of sharing/examples of lessons each day to keep it interesting.
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