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Bundjalung and Anangu identity autonomy

Unit description

The key aim of this unit is to explicitly teach the broad experience of Aboriginal peoples in terms of pre-contact life, invasion, challenges to identity and the perseverance of Aboriginal people to maintain their identity and autonomy into the present day.

Concepts will be developed through an investigation of the experience of the Anangu people of the central desert region and the Bundjalung people of Casino/Lismore, the diversity of cultural expression and the experiences and similarities of their history, and contemporary differences. This study will raise ideas and concepts that will be addressed in other contexts throughout the remainder of the course.

Key concepts

  • identity and autonomy
  • social factors
  • media
  • influence of technology
  • cultural expressions
  • cultural celebrations
  • land and spiritual identity
  • human rights
  • self-determination
  • kinship
  • economic independence

Phases of learning

  1. Identity/Diversity
  2. The influence of social factors and experiences on Aboriginal identity
  3. Aboriginal people and the media
  4. Changes to cultural identity/Influences of technologies on identity
  5. Adaptations of cultural expression over time
  6. Cultural celebrations
  7. Land and spiritual identity
  8. Kinship and identity
  9. Human rights and self-determination/Denial of human rights since invasion
  10. Human rights, self-determination and autonomy
  11. Impacts of demands for self-determination/Return of land and economic independence
  12. Local study/Protocols for working with Aboriginal communities
  13. Assessment

Quality teaching framework

All units have been mapped to QT throughout.

Click here for QT details for this unit.

Sample assessment for learning activities

Assessment Activity 1

Bundjalung identity (30%)

Assessment Activity 2

Bundjalung community resilience – casestudy (40%)

Assessment Activity 3

Reflection portfolio (30%)

In addition, students wll complete assessment for learning tasks throughout the unit.

Cross-curriculum content


Dictogloss: students use dictogloss to reconstruct the details of a massacre.



PBwiki project

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