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Timeline references

Reference list

Archival Records


Curthoys, Ann (1965) Diary, in AIATSIS (2005) Commemorating 40 Years of the Freedom Rides

State Records NSW

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SRNSW, Department of Education, Schools Files 1869–1979, NRS 3829 Nulla Nulla, 1876–1939, Administrative [5/17188.3]

SRNSW, Department of Education, Schools Files 1869–1979 Nulla Creek Aboriginal School, NRS 3939, Administrative, Pre 1939 [5/17187.4]


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Journal articles and book chapters

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Newspaper and magazine articles

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Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC). (1997) Bringing Them Home Report and Track the History: Timeline. Also includes personal narratives, teaching resources, curriculum links

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Policy documents


Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. (2007) National Goals for Indigenous Education

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Web pages and websites

Aboriginal Education Council. (2005) ‘About Us’ and ‘History’

Aboriginal Languages Research and Resources Centre (NSW). (2006)

Global Rock Challenge. (no date) Croc Festival Australia: History

Heiss, Anita & McCormack, Terri. (2002) Barani: Indigenous History of Sydney City, Sydney: City of Sydney Council

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NMA(2007)Gordon Syron

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Theses about Aboriginal education

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