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Mathematics & Numeracy

The Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts project (2003–2006) charts the efforts of teachers, Aboriginal parents and community members in schools across the state to develop teaching and learning programs to assist students acquire the numeracy skills required to better engage with schooling.

The project involved developing teaching and learning programs consistent with the aims of the K–10 learning continuum, using the curriculum content that underpins mathematical learning within Mathematics K–6 and 7–10 syllabuses. These units of work demonstrate a variety of approaches to teaching, including subject contextualisation and multi-staged curriculum development.

Each of the teaching programs was developed through cooperative efforts between schools and Aboriginal community members. The results illustrate the educational benefits to students’ learning, and to the community in general, that are possible when parents and communities are actively involved in their children’s education.

Of great significance to the schools represented on this website were the links and long-lasting partnerships the schools built with their local Aboriginal communities as a result of the collaboration. These relationships help define the stories that chart each school’s journey. Evidence of the impact of these partnerships on student learning and engagement with communities can be found in the Community Consultation section of the Aboriginal Educational Contexts website.

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