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Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts Years 6-8 2003-2005

This section of the website outlines the process used to develop context-based multi-stage Mathematics units of work. The units were developed to meet the learning needs of students in Years 6–8 in regional locations with significant Aboriginal student enrolments. At each site a learning team was established to develop and implement the project. The learning teams included Stage 3 and Stage 4 teachers, Aboriginal Education Assistants (AEAs) from the high school and primary school, parents and community members, a teacher mentor for each site and additional support from university mentors in the first year of the project and Board officers. The team members worked collaboratively in the development and delivery of teaching and learning materials.

This section includes an overview of the process used by each learning team, the teaching and learning materials, assessment information and reflection exemplified by work samples. Photographs, video footage and audio grabs, and student and staff journals are included to demonstrate the implementation process and exemplify key issues identified as significant for the project's success.

A number of research projects were undertaken by the Australian Catholic University and the University of Western Sydney. These reports can be located on the Board’s website. These include:

Schools are encouraged to use this material with their communities as a training and development process as it provides a guide to community participation through the development of a context-based curriculum. It also provides teachers with a process for developing context-based teaching and learning units.

The protocols outlined in Working with Aboriginal Communities: A Guide to Community Consultation and Protocols published by the Board of Studies NSW (2001) were used to underpin this project.

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