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Sharing Days

In 2003 two Sharing Days were held in Dubbo during the project. These professional development days provided opportunities for all project members from Gilgandra and Coonabarabran to meet and share progress, challenges and successes. The first day was held at the end of Term 3 and the second at the end of Term 4.

Welcome to Country at the Sharing Day

Audio transcript – Welcome to Country

Good morning everybody. My name is Agnes Towney. I'd like to welcome everybody here today on Wiradjuri land. I'd also like to pay my respects to Elders past and present in the hope you have a worthwhile day and the outcome and goals you are hoping to achieve. So again I say welcome and have a successful day.

Response to welcome in Gamilaraay (recognising the importance of local languages for Aboriginal people)

Audio transcript - response to welcome

Yaama ngindaay ngiyani winanga-li walaay-baa-ga Wiradjuri
Ngiyani Gamilaraay walaay-baa-ga-dhi
Wilanga-li ngiyani yilambu maridgal
Nhalay yaraay ngiyani guwaalay winanga-li
Winanga-li miya

Which means: Hello everyone. We are all on Wiradjuri country. We are from Gamilaraay country. We are thinking of all our ancestors. This day we will speak to each other and learn. Dare to learn.

In both 2004 and 2005, the Sharing Days were held at Coonabarabran at the end of each project. Each school team also included additional community members who were invited to speak about their involvement and support for the project.

A session titled ‘Reflecting on our Journey’ provided an opportunity for teams to reflect and provide feedback on the outcomes – some positive, some unexpected – and challenges that had come out of the project.

The final session invited the participants to provide suggestions for future directions for the project.

In the refection session of the 2005 Sharing Day the participants were invited to suggest how their experiences could be shared with other schools and communities.

These covered

  • positive ideas for engaging the community
  • strategies for spreading information and sharing experiences with other schools and communities.

In the final session each school identified what they would do next to continue their learning journey with their community.

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