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Rationale for the 2005 project

  • Extend links between Gilgandra High School and Gilgandra Public School.
  • Expand community involvement in the development and implementation of a contextual mathematics unit.
  • Enhance student and teacher knowledge of Indigenous culture, particularly relating to Gilgandra.
  • Address weaknesses identified in BST and SNAP results.

In-class activities at Gilgandra

Community involvement and future direction

The focus was changed from the traditional method of applying measurement to showing its relevance in society. At the end of the project students were to present a newsletter for parents showing what they had learnt. It also involved homework activities which involve life skills, such as cooking and shopping.

Positive outcomes of students’ participation and engagement

  • discovering and experiencing for themselves
  • change of classroom dynamics – teacher able to see students in a new light
  • increased use of mathematical language
  • mathematical thinking increased greatly
  • deeper understanding and relevance of measurement, scale and symmetry
  • increased self worth of all students
  • raised awareness of Indigenous culture
  • increased engagement of all students
  • improved results in SNAP by Indigenous and non-Indigenous students
  • discovering maths can be fun (Fun Friday).

Staff engagement

  • team involvement
  • growth for all involved
  • learning and understanding occurred for all
  • allowed focus and discussion of current teaching methods
  • equal shareholders in units of work produced.

For all involved

  • value other people’s knowledge and experiences
  • mathematical learning does not have to be confined to the classroom
  • more to learn and discover.

The following people developed the materials for the 2005 Gilgandra unit with the help of community members.

Mary Nixon-Solomon
Gilgandra High School

Henry Louie
Gilgandra Primary School

Tanya Moore
AE Teachers Aide
Gilgandra High School

Leanne Morris
AP Gilgandra Primary school
Stage 3 Classroom teacher

Harry Langes
Head Teacher Maths
Gilgandra High School

Di Baker
Head teacher; Teaching and Learning
Dubbo College South Campus

Steve Schier
Maths teacher
Gilgandra High School

Suzanne Ziems
Project Coordinator
Board of Studies

Ray Thompson
Aboriginal in-class tutor/parent
Gilgandra High School

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