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2005 project

Quirindi 2005

The project continued at the primary school in 2005 with the Stage 3 teachers. The aim was to develop a sequence of learning experiences that focused on quality teaching elements, engage Aboriginal students in classroom mathematics learning, and build on the knowledge and understanding gained in the 2004 project.

From the BST results, measurement, space and geometry were again identified as areas of need. Each teacher developed a sequence of lessons for specific strands and these were shared across the stage.

The sub-stands were:
volume and capacity

In-class activities

Each teacher would present a lesson for colleagues, mentors and AEAs and this was followed by a debriefing session where elements of the quality teaching model were identified, and the teacher reflected on the positive aspects of the lessons and the engagement of the students. They also identified what changes they would make for the next lesson. This proved to be a very good strategy for developing a range of effective teaching strategies.

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