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2006 case studies

A small number of NSW South Coast schools were involved in this project, three of which are represented in this website: Nowra Public School, St. Michael’s Primary School Nowra and Moruya Public School. Following the model used in the previous Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts projects, the program employed external mentors whose role was to support each school team. These school teams consisted of up to two teachers, Aboriginal educators (AEAs and/or teachers) within each school, and members of the local Aboriginal community.

A major initial emphasis of this project was for school teams to undertake a detailed analysis of student mathematical thinking processes, their ‘working mathematically’ strategies, and the language they used to describe mathematical operations.

Another major focus was developing links with Aboriginal parents and communities and getting them involved in their children’s learning.

The knowledge and awareness gained was used to develop a range of teaching and learning strategies that supported the development of early numeracy acquisition by students.

A research report on this project was undertaken by Erebus International. A copy of this report is available from the Board’s website at:

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