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Project outcomes

The outcomes for the Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts project were:

  • to increase awareness among teachers of the additional support needed for Aboriginal students in numeracy learning
  • to develop Mathematics activities that reflect and demonstrate a range of teaching and learning strategies and assessment practices, which will assist Aboriginal students’ ability to demonstrate their numeracy understanding
  • to develop clear links between schools, parents and community that support effective teaching and learning practices and encourage them to become active partners in school curriculum development and delivery and so assist students become active numeracy learners
  • to develop an understanding of the particular issues for Aboriginal students in the transition period from prior-to-school to school
  • to explore the potential of learning teams to support sustained curriculum change in Mathematics.

Each school team worked towards achieving these outcomes with varying degrees of progress, depending on their context and community. For some schools this project was the first step in a journey to engage with the Aboriginal parents and community, to lift teacher expectations of all students, and to better equip all students for successful schooling.

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