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Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts Years K–6


This section of the website outlines the process used to develop Stage 2 context-based Mathematics units of work in two NSW schools with significant Aboriginal student enrolments. The teachers, who worked closely with their community members, were also supported by teacher mentors and university mentors who acted as critical friends providing feedback and evaluation as the project developed. The site includes the teaching units, student assessment information and reflection, exemplified by work samples including photographs, video footage and audio grabs, and students and staff journals.

Schools are encouraged to work with this material as a training and development exercise as it provides a process to guide a school community through the development of a context-based curriculum. It also provides a process for teachers to develop contextual classroom teaching units.

Today we learnt about artefacts and angles. Our table were given a boomerang, a shield and a digging stick...

The part that I really liked was when we drew the artefacts and learnt about angles.


Today we went outside to measure the snake. We used different devices, the measuring device Tara and I used was a trundle wheel.

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