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Journal 3 – Preparing to work with the mentors

Date: Wednesday 10th March 2002

Before meeting up with our mentors I prepared a list of questions I needed answered, to help me understand what I had agreed to do.

I met with Liz and Belinda and we discussed many things. The hour that I got to spend with them wasn't enough time to get through my questions let alone discuss whatever they needed to bring up.

My understanding so far is that with this project will be documenting and looking at: -

  1. the PROCESS in creating a unit of work.
  2. OUTCOMES for students, teachers and the community.
  3. how we accomplish it, looking at:
    • attitudes
    • questions that arose
    • actions taken
    • reflections
    • achievements

One of my questions I asked the mentors was: What units was I to cover in the unit I had to write?

Their answer was for me to look at Measurement as a whole and not at any particular focus.

The next question I pondered on was how was I going to link the Mathematics Measurement unit to the community and also with an Aboriginal aspect?

I thought of a number of ways:

  1. My first was to visit the local shopping centre and link it to the community via shopping and making links to measurement.
  2. My next idea was to look at the surrounding streets of Doonside and link measurement to this.
  3. My final idea was to take my classroom out to Nurragingy Reserve and look at the links there.

I chose my third option. I thought what better way to link what I am doing to what I was suppose to, that is, the community and Aboriginals.What I needed to do first was to find out as much information I could on the reserve and links I could make.

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