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Journal 5 – Attending the first ASSPA meeting

Date: Wednesday 1st May 2002

I attended the meeting with mixed feelings.

I wasn't aware that I was attending an ASSPA meeting.

I really didn't understand what the purpose was.

However, I walked away from it feeling very confident and appreciated the community support we were offered with our Mathematics project.

The interest by the ASSPA people present was overwhelming.

During the meeting we discussed the possibility of using the Aboriginal tutors this year to assist us for Mathematics instead of literacy.

This will assist us with our Mathematics units.

Also during the meeting I discussed how I was writing my unit around Nurragingy with a sports/football focus. Many of the ASSPA tutors displayed interest and confirmed for me that their children would and could really relate to it.

The importance to involve more males in the project was mentioned. I agreed with what was said and I know that the male aboriginal students in my class would respond better if they were involved.

The day that followed was a very productive day. We each constructed a concept map with the help of each other as well as the mentors.

We planned to present our concept maps to the next ASSPA meeting where we are going to encourage the community to add to it.

Then we thought we would ask the children to add to it.

In conclusion for the day, Peter discussed keeping our project within the cultural awareness of Aboriginals, meaning our units needed to be based about and around what Aboriginals do. For me this meant that I needed to research what Aboriginals did in their recreational time. I also needed to respect their land and identity.

After the meeting we reflected, one word that Peter had said to me that stood out was 'connectedness'.

Connecting it to the community.

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