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Journal 6 – An initial visit to Nurragingy

Date: Sunday 28th April 2002

I realised today I needed to make a start to my project.

I know I needed to do some research first.

First I will visit Nurragingy and collect as much information as I possibly can, e.g. meaning, maps, etc.

It's funny you know, I've been to Nurragingy so many times and I've just enjoyed it's natural beauty.

Never have I really studied or looked at the Mathematics present there.


Wow what a place, it has natural settings that have not been affected or touched by man. And it has ooh car, carpark. A beautifully constructed, let's get a closer look, hang on a minute, a beautifully constructed waterfall and garden in commemoration of Fred Hollows. This is only one of many gardens. Now look at all the Maths and Measurement we can do here.

Unbelievable, let's get a closer look. Looking at this waterfall structure. Children can look at area which it covers. They can look at measuring the little bench that's around it or they can also measure the area not including the bench.


Date: Thursday 2nd May 2002

Today was my first planning day for the Mathematics project.

I feel quite surprised and comfortable about having the day to work on it.

For the first part of the day I reviewed the concept map that the mentors and I had constructed.

I extended each of the ideas and ensured they related to the new syllabus by checking the indicators for each of the areas of measurement.

Most outcomes received a mention in the concept map except those of time.

Next I hunted out the basic skills test that my class had completed last year.

I copied the numeracy section for each student and highlighted the areas of need in measurement. I then went for a drive to Nurragingy to take a video of it. I was amazed at what I saw. There was so much more I could include in the concept map. These things are listed on the video.

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