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Journal 9 – The first class visit to Nurragingy

Date: Wednesday 28th August 2002

The first class visit to Nurragingy. Along with the two ASSPA tutors, there were going to be five adults plus my self. I decided to allocate an adult to each of the groups I had.

This way the adults could assist in directing the children and I could concentrate on capturing it on video.

Liz and Judy offered to come with my class and me to Nurragingy after recess.

I was so grateful and overwhelmed. Liz offered to video while I could walk and mingle with all the groups and observe what was happening.

Well off we went. It took a good 30 minute to get the kids organised. What I found worked well was I briefing them prior to leaving the school.

The students cooperated, worked well and completed what they could in the time we had. What I thought would be ample time wasn't. I had planned for the children to estimate and measure the perimeter of five picnic grounds and also assess each one. What I didn't realise was the time needed to get from one to another and also our travel there and back.

As a result we got back late, the children missed out on most of their lunch and play time. The children though did not seem bothered , they just wanted to rest in the class. I bought them each an iceblock and the adults a drink, they appreciated it.

The physical factor needs to be reviewed next time we go to Nurragingy and so to the time issue. I must remember to include them in my evaluation of the lesson, not forgetting better walking shoes!

Another thing that both Liz and I noticed, was the input from the parents and tutors. They were offering too much direction for the students, in other words they were giving them too much information. That is something also I need to address in the next lesson there.

Link to slideshow of 3 of visit to Nurragingy Reserve

Overview of the unit activities

Week 1

Open ended question to launch unit – What needs to be considered when planning a picnic?

Week 2

Creating a metre square in small groups.

Week 3

Using metre square students calculated the area needed to accommodate 28 children and 3 adults.

Week 4

Students measure the perimeter of each picnic ground and list negatives and positives for each ground.

Week 5

Students discuss findings and write justification as to why they have chosen a particular area. Students survey class and graph results.

Week 6

Students draw maps of chosen picnic ground and outline the best way to utilise the picnic ground chosen. Map out picnic area.

Students in groups brainstorm other things they could do to add to their first concept map.

Link to slideshow of 3 of worksamples from the class picnic unit

Week 7

Students in groups plan a treasure hunt for a secret place using a compass and directions.

Students complete five rotational activities:

  1. mapping out picnic area, measuring area
  2. treasure hunt following directions
  3. scavenger hunt measuring lengths
  4. football skills recording distances
  5. races recording times and have picnic Week 8
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