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Journal 7 – The first class lesson

Activity #1 – Week 3

The ball did start rolling, with my first lesson on length. The students worked cooperatively in their groupings. The Aboriginal tutors were present and each tutor worked with a group, redirecting when need be, on the problem posed. The groups recorded their results in a similar way, drawing around feet that were in a metre. The reporting back part of the initial part of the lesson worked well. The students were keen to share what they had done and show their working out.

When the second problem was posed, "estimate the length if all 4K lined up", they were keen to work this out with the results they already had. This did not seem to pose a problem. The groups employed the same strategies, using some operation skills to assist, i.e. there are 28 people in our class and 4 will fit in one metre so 4x7= 28, 7 metres are needed. I was quite amazed at the skills they used. The success they had was overwhelming for me as a teacher. It is situations like this that remind me why I enjoy my job! The students were all keen to do the next activity right then! They were hungry for more Maths!!!

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