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Noula explains her pre-assessment tasks

Transcript - Noula explains her pre-assessment tasks


I completed these three activities. The first one you can take with you today is called 'What's in the bag?'.

I sort of gave them titles for when I use them because I think kids deal with little phrases and a lot better. So that was the activity and I used indicators to do a checklist so I can visually see the areas. So that was the first one.

I thought that wasn't enough because I wasn't only targeting space I had a bit of measurement and there was not just 2D and 3D involved in my unit. So I can't just do pre-assessment on space. So I commissioned one. Who has the longest feet in each group?

So I gave the kids a piece of string, I'm really inventive, and a ruler.

'That's all the equipment you've got, what can you do with it?'

And kids do weird things with rulers! Not being silly. They were trying to do things with these rulers and but it gave me some excellent ideas. One child said to me 'Mrs Kazakos the string is actually better to use initially because your feet, you measure the outside with shoes on. Your feet with your shoes on aren't flat and at least with the string you can move it and then hold it out straight along the ruler'.

So that was good. They really had no problem with baselines which was a godsend. So that was it basically.

But that is how they documented them. I made them document how they went about it. I want to know how you came up with the answer, I just don't want the answer.


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