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Quotes from Student Journals

Today we went outside to measure the snake. We used different devices, the measuring device Tara and I used was a trundle wheel.


Today we learnt about artefacts and angles. Our table were given a boomerang, a shield and a digging stick. The part that I really liked was when we drew the artefacts and learnt about angles.


We checked that it was a metre by putting a ruler on each side. A metre square means the length of each side has to be a metre.


When I first started I felt like I was nervous and I thought people would laugh at me, but I know what to do a bit more.


Quote from Aboriginal Tutor

The children had to do a metre square of newspaper. Working as a group or as a team in this task worked out well. They all took part in the task and contributed as much as they could.

(Aboriginal Tutor)

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