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Journal quotes

Quotes from 4J student journals

The thing I liked about this project is because of the adding up and how it is easy. The Maths I learnt was multiply and addition. When I first started I was thinking that this is going to be boring, now I think it is kinda cool. I was surprised that my sausage sizzle was only 75c! That's cheap.


I think the last activity was easy. I think that when we look at activities with magazines help us more in Maths instead of just writing answers down for sums. When we started this project from the start it was easy. When we used the calculators it was sometimes a little bit hard. This was a good way to learn. I think when we first started it helped us more and to learn more about Maths. I thought it was a good thing to work on. This activity was interesting and fun.


The last lesson was half good and half boring. The bit that was boring was adding up and the rest was fun. And the bit that was tricky was the bit that each person you had to work out how much it was going to cost for them to go to the picnic. Overall it was OK.


I loved this last task it was brilliant there's nothing I don't like about it. Nothing could be changed about this task. I have learned money, division, addition, subtraction and much more. I felt nervous because I hate Maths. Now I'm not so nervous.


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