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The Board used a model providing participating schools with peer mentors to assist in the development of the project. Mentors provided project teachers with skills in Mathematics pedagogy, outcomes and assessment, experience in a change process and engagement with parents and community, as well as professional training in curriculum development. The teacher mentors were experienced practising teachers who had also been involved in either syllabus or other curriculum development.

The mentors met regularly at school with the teachers to provide ideas and guidance and to share teaching experiences and project progress. Their role was supportive and allowed both parents and teachers to take ownership of the units as the process developed. Mentors encouraged the teachers and schools to critique and extend their understanding of effective curriculum development and the nature of community participation.

Three university researchers also supported the program in a mentoring role. Their research inquiry was an investigation of how schools forged learning partnerships with Aboriginal communities and the professional support structures that assist in the development of effective Mathematics programs.

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