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Primary education

Mapping Aboriginal Perspectives and Cross-curriculum Content K-10 - 2009 (PDF, 31 pages, 296 KB)

The Primary Linkages Project is an ongoing curriculum project aimed at identifying related content and outcomes across the six key learning areas as K-6 syllabuses are developed.

Linkages - Multi-stage units
Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 units - Links to a selection of multi-stage integrated units. Designed for teachers in small schools with multi-stage classes. Several of the units have a strong Aboriginal perspective.

Linkages - Aboriginal Perspectives Through Integrated Units
These integrated units of work have been developed to highlight the potential for innovative teaching practices using the primary curriculum. The Aboriginal perspective units demonstrate examples of a more holistic approach to teaching, which underpins the development of integrated curriculum.

Maths with the Mob
An Early Stage 1 unit -
The unit provides opportunities for students to investigate integrated mathematics and visual arts activities through exploring Aboriginal lifestyles and perspectives using currently available resources.

My PlaceA Stage 1 unit - This unit provides opportunities for students to explore concepts of belonging to groups of people and of belonging to places. The unit focuses on the students' local community and local area, and provides opportunities for learning experiences about Aboriginal people's relationships with family, community, environment and place.

Terra Nullius? The Very Early Years
Stage 2 unit -
In this unit students are presented with a range of problem-solving situations that reflect the significant events of the colonisation of Australia. Through discussion, students make choices which they must then justify.

Aboriginal Technology
Stage 3 unit - The teaching and learning activities in this unit will enable students to develop a greater understanding of Aboriginal people and the importance of their traditional way of life. It highlights the complexity of traditional Aboriginal communities, their management of the environment and the importance of the development and use of a range of technologies.

Background Sheets and Visual Texts
The background sheets have been carefully selected and written to present an overview of a shared Australian History. The visual texts provide additional information that can be used when working with units of work.

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Primary (Yrs K-6)