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Numeracy development

Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts site

This website outlines the process used to develop Stage 2 context-based Mathematics units of work in two NSW schools with significant Aboriginal student enrolments.

Evaluation of the Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts (K-2) Project

The Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts (K-2) project, initiated by the Office of the NSW Board of Studies was designed as an exploratory study of an approach to addressing this disparity in achievement. Erebus International was engaged by the NSW Board of Studies in early 2006 to evaluate the Mathematics in Indigenous Contexts (MilC) Project. The following report provides an overview of the background to and purpose of the project, the evaluation activities undertaken during the Review and the key outcomes identified as a result of the conduct of the project.

Resources and Teaching Strategies to Support Aboriginal Children’s Numeracy Learning

The purpose of the paper is to provide a theoretical framework that will inform the development of numeracy materials to support teachers of Aboriginal children in New South Wales primary schools.

Research into the Numeracy Development of Aboriginal Students: Implications for the NSW K–10 Mathematics Syllabus

The planned revision of the NSW Years K–10 Mathematics syllabus provides a timely opportunity to reflect on research into the numeracy development of Aboriginal children, and to identify key factors that affect their achievement.

How We Learn What We Need To Know

The aim of the case studies project was to identify programs, strategies and processes which, in the opinion of regional Aboriginal Educational consultants and the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, work effectively for Aboriginal students, and to describe how the programs were developed.

Learning Mathematics

This paper reports on an ethnographic study and focuses on the beliefs of Aboriginal children and their teachers about learning mathematics. It suggests significant issues that teachers need to acknowledge in providing appropriate learning environments for Aboriginal children.

Mathematics in Aboriginal Contexts

The Mathematics in Aboriginal Contexts project involves the three key elements of collaborative engagement of Aboriginal parents in curriculum development, the contextualisation of mathematics learning, and the professional development of teachers.

Working Together

This paper focuses on the social justice imperative to bring about improved mathematics learning outcomes for Aboriginal students. It provides comment whereby mathematics educators can appreciate more fully the context in which many Aboriginal students learn mathematics.

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