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Educational research

The Board has developed and/or commissioned research reports on a wide range of activities that have supported the implementation of Board syllabuses, informed the strategic direction of projects or evaluated innovative teaching and learning programs. Many of these reports provide a clear rationale for the support and active participation of Aboriginal parent and community members in their children's education. A number of the reports highlight the importance of Aboriginal language programs to Aboriginal communities in NSW. Other materials include teaching and learning programs, blackline masters and evaluations of programs designed to positively support:

  • positive student aspirations
  • the teaching of Mathematics to students in transition to both primary and secondary school
  • the implementation of a literacy scaffold program in Years 7–10
  • the development of the Board's Aboriginal Languages K–10 Syllabus.

The research has been carried out with academic partners and mentors with experience in developing, measuring and enhancing the educational value of the teaching and learning programs and school-community partnerships.

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